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About Hannah Ruhlman

- About Hannah -

Hannah Ruhlman is a children's book author, marketing professional and lover of literature.
A professional writer for more than 10 years, she has contributed to a variety of magazines, newspapers, and nonprofit publications — writing about everything from features and lifestyle to harder news. Her latest adventure is children’s book writing.

​Hannah grew up in South Dakota with big dreams of big city living. However, life had other plans and small town living unexpectedly captured her heart. She spends her days with her husband and two young children on a small wooded acreage. Everyday life moments and conversations at home often serve as inspiration for her stories.

When she is not working as a nonprofit marketing professional or writing books, she spends her time raising children while trying not to pull her hair out; gardening while trying not to kill everything; reading and fishing the Missouri River for a trophy walleye.

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